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Heisenberg by Quesada
The Heisenberg project is named after the scientific formula that proves the fundamental limits of precision: no matter how much we know about something we will never know everything; the more we focus on one aspect, the less we know about another. The Heisenberg project has two intentions: to dispel the stereotypes that limit our ability to enjoy a cigar and remind aficionados that sometimes its best to sit back, relax, and just enjoy a smoke without over analyzing it. “Embrace Uncertainty"

Corneta Cuadrada (Single)5 1/4 x 55$6.95
Corneta Cuadrada (Box, 10 ct.)5 1/4 x 55$62.50
Robusto (Single)4 x 48$6.75
Robusto (Box, 10 ct.)4 x 48$60.50

Quesada 40th Anniversary

Robusto (Single)5 x 52$9.20
Robusto (Box, 20 ct.)5 x 52$161.00
*This item is out of stock.
Super Toro (Single)6 x 65$10.20
Super Toro (Box, 20 ct.)6 x 65$179.00
*This item is out of stock.
Toro (Single)6 x 54$9.75
Toro (Box, 20 ct.)6 x 54$171.00
*This item is out of stock.

Quesada 40th Anniversary Limited Editions

Box Pressed Toro (Single)6 x 49$11.20
Box Pressed Toro (Box, 10 ct.)6 x 49$109.50
*This item is out of stock.
Salomon Press (Single)6 1/4 x 50/33$13.20
Salomon Press (Box, 10 ct.)6 1/4 x 50/33$129.50
*This item is out of stock.

Quesada Oktoberfest
These Dominican puros were blended to pair with a fine Oktoberfest style beer. The cigars are very smooth for a Dominican puro.

Bavarian (Single)5 1/2 x 52$7.95
Bavarian (Box, 20 ct.)5 1/2 x 52$143.00
Das Boot (Single)6 x 52$8.75
Das Boot (Box, 20 ct.)6 x 52$153.00
*This item is out of stock.
Kaiser Ludwig (Single)6 x 49$9.75
Kaiser Ludwig (Box, 20 ct.)6 x 49$171.00
Kurz (Single)4 x 50$7.50
Kurz (Box, 20 ct.)4 x 50$130.50
Uber (Single)6 x 65$8.95
Uber (Box, 20 ct.)6 x 65$161.00

Quesada Tributo
The Quesada Tributo is the next great blend from Manuel Quesada. Like the Quesada 35th Anniversary, the Tributo was blended by the newest generation of Quesadas, Manuel's daughters and cousins. The blend features a special hybrid Ecuadorian wrapper. The binder is a rich Nicaraguan Ligero. And the filler tobaccos are made from Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobaccos.

Alvarito (Single)4 1/2 x 40$5.25
Alvarito (Box, 50 ct.)4 1/2 x 40$236.00
*This item is out of stock. Pre-order now!
Alvaro (Single)6 x 52$7.50
Alvaro (Box, 24 ct.)6 x 52$162.00
*This item is out of stock. Pre-order now!
Julio (Single)5 x 50$6.50
Julio (Box, 24 ct.)5 x 50$140.50
*This item is out of stock. Pre-order now!
Manolin (Single)6 1/2 x 60$7.95
Manolin (Box, 24 ct.)6 1/2 x 60$171.50
*This item is out of stock. Pre-order now!